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Dragon Warrior Legend is a homebrew RPG that follows the Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior line of RPGs from Square-Enix. Do not take anything that happens in Dragon Warrior Legend as canon. In no way is this game associated with Square-Enix, and only they can create true Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior games. If anything, think of Dragon Warrior Legend as "interactive fan fiction".

Long ago, there was an evil villain who threatened the land of Alefgard. One day, a lone hero emerged and single-handedly crushed this foe, bringing back peace to the land. Afterwards, there was a period of relative prosperity in which the descendants of this hero created their own kingdoms in the lands surrounding the original ancient lands. This peace was eventually broken by an evil wizard who summoned a powerful demon to destroy the kingdoms in the new areas of Alefgard. Three descendants of the original hero emerged, and after a lengthy quest they defeated the wizard and the demon.

Three hundred years after these events, there was a kingdom that had long since forgotten of the ancient land of Alefgard. This kindgom was known as Cortiana, and one day a young red-haired adolescent awakens to find that the king has summoned him. The king tells this young hero that an evil dark elf named Garos is terrorizing the lands of Cortiana, and that that the hero is the only one in the land who has the power to defeat Garos. Puzzled by the request, and questioning his own inner strength, the red-haired hero accepts the king's quest and heads out on the biggest adventure of his life.

Will this journey eventually lead the hero and his companions back to the forgotten land of Alefgard? If so, what sinister force looms on the horizon that the hero must overcome in order to once and for all fulfill the legacy of his bloodline?

  • A familiar starting quest to serve as the prologue
  • A fairly lengthy main quest with several plot twists
  • A job system in the style of Dragon Quest III
  • A battle system that is an exact clone of Dragon Quest III reprise, complete with fully animated monsters, spells, and attacks.
  • A monster encyclopedia that keeps track of the number of monsters fought, their statistics, and whether or not a heart was received from them.
  • Colorful graphics using tilesets and sprites directly from Dragon Quest VI.
  • Original music composed by Robert Harrington(silenttwn), in addition to the traditional Dragon Quest music.
  • More details to be revealed later...



This young, red-haired adolescent doesn't really know who he is or where he came from. All he knows is that he is loyal to the king of Cortiana, and he will do whatever is asked of him.

This female cleric is saved from a vicious monster by the hero, and she becomes a valuable party member because of her healing abilities, as well as a close friend of the hero.

A young, obnoxious knight captain who will do whatever it takes to defend his kingdom. His only flaw is that he tends to make a move on every woman he encounters, oftentimes being rejected. He still takes pride in the fact that he commands a powerful army, and tries to use this to boost his ego.

She is the champion of a famous Coliseum. A very strong-willed woman who will never let anything get in her way, and she starts out as a powerful magician. She tends to have a hard time getting along with Reeve and his arrogant, womanizing ways.

During the course of the game, before the 4 main characters are encountered, the hero will be able to temporarily recruit some characters for some help with tough battles.

Are these the only playable characters in the game?


The king of Cortiana describes Garos as an evil dark elf intent on destroying the world. During the course of the journey, the hero and his party encounters this character several times.


Felryn: A mysterious character who's face is partially covered. He seems to have a habit of appearing whenever the hero and crew are in trouble and saves them.

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